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Display cases, cases for ship models to order

Workshop services

I make and manufacture original display cases, cases, as well as stands for scale models based on the size you need. You can order from me both reasonably priced and relatively inexpensive products and top-quality ones.

Display cases and stands are madeusing finewood andprofessional equipment at the furniture manufacturing companysite.

On this web site you can find information and pictures which will help you understand what is what, and do a preliminary calculation on your own. You can also see pictures of previously made products, and place an order.

We deliver anywhere worldwide.


You can do a calculation for approximate price (applicable for year 2024) of your future display case on your own.

To do that you need to multiply net length of your scale model in centimeters by:

  • 1 — for kits;
  • 1.5 — for wall mounted display cases;
  • 1.5 — for rectangular display cases;
  • 2 — for oval shaped display cases.

And the resultis your approximate(!) price in USD, delivery not included.

This formula is applicable for display cases in the standard design and configuration. Prices for top quality display cases and standsto be discussed individually.

If the height of the model is relatively small against its length then we can talk about special discount.

How to order

To place an order or to receive any additional information just send a message via WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook messenger to the number +7 906 122 28 81, specifying:

  • — the name of your scale model;
  • — your name;
  • — city and country you live in;
  • — net dimensions of your scale model;
  • — type of the display case needed.
Also you can send your inquiries and questions via e-mail to samig1245@gmail.com, so that i can provide you with more details regarding delivery options, payments, etc. Lead time – approximately two weeks. Delivery worldwide.


About myself. My name is Shamil, I live in Russia, the city is called Naberezhnye Chelny, and I co-own furniture manufacturing company that custom makes unique furniture pieces.

Photo in 1992 - Shamil, master of making showcases and cases for model ships
Ever since I was a teenager I was into ship modelling, and so it was natural for me to establish my own workshop (based at the furniture making company site) related to ship modelling, luckily conditions for that were easily available. I have been making display cases since 2012, and of course the technology and quality have reached the top level, and numerous feedbackand reviewsfrom my clients from Russia and far beyond are to prove that. Should you need any additional info or would like to chat with me, just dial +7 906 122 28 81, or write in WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook messenger. Or send a message via e-mail: samig1245@gmail.com.

Best regards, Shamil.


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