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I offer kits and spare parts by means of which you can make a rectangular display case on your own. I.E. you only purchase a frame and other parts needed to make an assembly of display case, but the glass cover (regular window glass of 4 mm thickness) you’ll have to procure separately somewhere else.

Rectangular display case No. 1 assembled from the offered sets
Kits and accessories # 1

Standard design kit consists of two horizontal platforms that are assembled together by means of four vertical pillars, pillars have grooves where the glass is installed.

Also there is an option of making a display case without pillars.

In order to provide unobstructed accessto the model, designallows for one of the side glass walls to be easily taken off.

Standard design Horizontal platforms are made of laminated chipboard, material that is widely used n case furniture manufacturing, hence texture and color of the display case could be of a wide variety, even to match your existing furniture.

Standard design vertical pillars are made of original extruded aluminum profiles which could be painted any color (DIY too).

All the parts are made according to your dimensions and with due consideration of your requirements. The kits vary in price starting from very affordable up to top quality high priced ones made of fine wood with changes implemented to standard design.

Rectangular display case No. 2 assembled from the offered sets
Kits and accessories # 2
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