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Rectangular shaped display cases

I offer classic rectangular shaped display cases for your scale models with glass walls made of lime silicate glass.

Rectangular display case assembled
Rectangular display case in disassembled form

Standard design rectangular shaped display cases are delivered disassembled. The display case consists of two main parts which are the bottom panel and the main frame. Main frame in its’ turn consists of two frames (upper and lower) and four pillars which are made using mahogany wood veneer sheets (sapelliormahogany). Bottom panel is made of medium density fiberboardcoated with PVC film of anycolor you want.

In order to provide unobstructed accessto the model for the bigger size display cases design allows for one of the side glass walls to be easily taken off.

Upon client’s request we can also do additional options such as:

  • — 4 mm lime silicate glass;
  • — Making display case using other species of wood (oak, hazel wood, wenge, beech, ash tree);
  • — Bottom panel coating with velvet, felt, veneer sheet, leather;
  • — Window dressing (backdrop).
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