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Wall mounted display cases

I offer original design wall mounted display cases for your scale models.

Wall display case # 1
Wall-mounted display case with model inside

Standard design display cases are made of laminated chipboard, material that is widely used in case furniture manufacturing, hence texture and color of the display case could be of a wide variety, even to match your existing furniture. Standard design glass cover is made of solid polycarbonate.

Upon client’s request we can also do additional options such as:

  • — built in lights;
  • — window dressing (backdrop);
  • — brackets for wall mounting;
  • — display housing made of fine wood;
  • — glass cover (for top quality products)made of bent (curved) lime silicate glass.

Some of those options may significantly increase the price of your order.

Wall mounted display cases are delivered fully assembled.

Wall display case # 2
Wall display case # 3
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